School booking

Booking school activities

VikingaTider is an open air museum and the majority of the activities take place outdoors. Remember to dress for the occasion.

The area is mostly meadows which may make accessibility to some parts difficult. Disabled visitors may need an accompanying assistant. 

Our buildings are constructed in accordance with Viking Age tradition. This means there are narrow entrances, high thresholds and cramped spaces.

Accompanying adults are responsible for the pupils and will accompany the group throughout the visit at the museum. 

If anyone in the group has special needs this must be mentioned when the booking is made. 

Cancelling a booking must take place no later than 5 work days before the planned visit. Should the group for some reason be delayed please promptly inform VikingaTider by phone at +46 46 706 210.

Booking is most easily done via e-mail. Include which programme activity you are interested in and if able please specify several possible dates for the activity. We will get back to you shortly. 


  • Travelling Viking (Visit you): Available time slots are 9-11 in the morning or 12-14 in the afternoon. A school may book both slots on the same day.  Max 30 pupils per group.
  • Viking for a day (Visit us): Available time slot is 9-14 with a pause for eating your own brought lunch. Max 1 class/group per day. Max 30 pupils per group. 

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