Live like a Viking


Sigrids farm

Come and experience a historical adventure at VikingaTider! At Sigrid's farm you can try out real Viking life with seasonal experiences such as archery, wood carving or a visit to the smithy.

Explore the vast landscape, past pastures with cattle and a rich bird life. Follow the long wooden bridge down to the river to enjoy the view or take a refreshing dip. 

After a day full of exciting activities you make yourself at home in your cosy Viking house. The next morning will be full of new adventures. 


This is included

  1. Overnight stay at Sigrid's farm in a authentic timbered house. 
  2. Possibility to borrow  a set of Viking clothes during your stay.
  3. Access to fireplace for cooking. Cooking utensils are available on site. Food is brought by visitors. 
  4. Try out ancient crafts and seasonal activities.
  5. Guided tour and free access to the whole nature area and our 1.5 km long hiking path. 


(Max 2 adults and 2 children)

1 night - 3900 SEK

2 nights - 5700 SEK

3 nights - 6600 SEK

Book directly

N.B! The cottage we are renting out can hold at most 2 adults and 2 children.

Alternatively book Live as a Viking by phone or e-mail: