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At the moment the museum is only available for prebooking,

but you are welcome to walk around our scenenry.

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Get a visit from a  viking or let the student become vikings! We have years of experience and offer a curriculum adapted programme.

Live as a viking

Live as a viking

Experience history close up during all 24 hours of the day.

Now you and your family, partner or friend can live as vikings.

Book a different holiday experience and live through the viking age "hands-on" togheter!

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Here, you can, like the viking, discover treasures from near and far



Våra allra mest populära, återkommande evenemang.

A museum out of the ordinary

The Viking Times is an archaeological open-air museum situated on twentyfive hectare area enriched with both nature and culture. With archaeological knowledge and a touch of creativity we'll recreate the Scanian landscape as it was a thousand years ago.

Here, you as a visitor gets the oppertunity t experience history and experimental archaeology "hand-on" with all the senses of your body.