The Longhouse

VikingaTiders longhouse is a reconstruction of a 10th century farmhouse on a Viking farm in southern Scandinavia. Numerous archaeological excavations in the area have left us traces and information on the construction and design of the houses. There are no remains of houses left above ground from the time but dark stains in the soil and traces of wood and stone reveal the size and function of these iconic Viking buildings.

The longhouse was the home of the whole family, several generations, along with their servants and slaves, and this was also the place where the big feasts were held.

Our longhouse is the perfect setting for a memorable party or wedding. Have a seat at the long table with your friends, family or co-workers. Feel the warmth of the open fire as the beer-filled horn is passed around among you. Dine like true Vikings on the food put in front of you, and listen to the epic sagas of glory and adventure as told by our story teller. Enjoy a night you will never forget!
Maximum of 60 people.

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