Take part in the daily work on a Viking farm and have a go at different types of crafts such as forging, weaving, try your hand at archery, or relax by playing Viking games.

Interested in authentic Viking food? Try out different techniques such as pit cooking, baking, cheese curdling or butter churning.

Book a feast in our longhouse – enjoy a delicious Viking-inspired buffet accompanied by the telling of historic sagas in the light of the open fire.

All the ingredients on our menu are found in the Viking era, even though the recipies are not known. The food presented at a Viking feast table would probably not have a pleasant taste to the taste buds of today.

The Vikings ate a variety of fermented and pickled food, mixtures of dairy products, blood and cereals. Porridge in various forms was a staple food. Our picture of the Viking feast with whole roast pigs and rivers of mead is likely a product of our modern imagination. Based on the knowledge we have about the ingredients of the Viking Age, we composed our menu to appeal to contemporary taste. For 25-60 people.

Are you interested in a guided tour of the area? Our skilled guides tell the story of a landscape and society going through great changes during the transition from the Iron Age to the Middle Ages (700 -1100 AD).

This of course is a story of kings and wars, but also great changes in the lives of the common people.

Tours held in English.

Welcome for special events in the season of May-September. For more information

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